Counselling and advice on financial management

Provide you with counselling and advice on financial budgeting, money management and credit related issues including helping you develop a budget to manage your expenses.


Debt management programme

Work with you to develop personalised debt repayment plans in consultation with your financial services providers. These plans will help you to repay your debt(s) and regain financial control.


Financial education

Education programmes and materials, in particular on the proper use of credit and basic money management skills as well as tips on how to use credit responsibly will also be provided



  • Applicant must be 18 years and above.
  • Malaysian citizen.
  • Fixed income.
  • Applicant must be shown as one of the following employee:
  1. government unit.
  2. private limited companies.
  3. with a legitimate license and other registered companies.



  • No hidden costs
  • Fast approval
  • Fixed and competitive interests rate
  • Personal informations is strictly confidential



  • Depends on individual needs.


Lending rates

  • Fixed and competitive interests rate


Processing Fees

  • Flexibility


Documents Required

  • Identity card (photocopies)
  • Salaries Slip
  • EPF Statement

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